Posted by: AAPGAI | February 5, 2010

BROKEN ROD Arrggghhh! AAPGAI in New Zealand

Welcome to my Island surrounded by killer trout !
Welcome to my Island surrounded by killer trout !

Yesterday I fished the Oreti and after struggling over super stressed fish ! Came onto a pool which had fish relaxed enough to be behaving as fish should , I actually saw one rise and take something off the top . Crouched in the Pampas grass trying to unravel 20 ft of leader and loosing ,I reverted to destroying the vegetation !! To help things go smoothly the Nor-wester began ,so things were going badly , anyhow I managed to light a roll up and chilled I then selected a cicada and heart pounding tied it on , head up fish still there only now there was two , things were looking sweet . Slowly leader in hand rod poised still crouched behind what was left standing off the pampas , I executed my move deftly 40ft cast only the pampas said no , and grabbed my cicada the wind then proceeded to assist the grass in securing line , I did all I could which basically meant pulling till something snapped (not yet ) so hauling in the remainder of my frayed 20 ft leader and looking at my $3.00 cicada dangling over the river I rolled another smoke and tried to stay happy .


My prize and departed clever camera work hides the damage :)

My prize and departed clever camera work hides the damage 🙂

It took two ( roll ups ) to do the job , whilst I watched the trout rise another time , I decided to try another approach and leopard crawled downstream to make repairs ( tactical withdrawal ) . I crossed at the tail of the pool , and made up another leader and attached a blowfly pattern , the glare was bad now off the surface so it was tricky to make out the fish , however the tattered pampas plant holding my cicada was a good marker !! I started to cast off my left shoulder and tentatively placed my bluebottle , I could make out a dark smudge which normally results in a rock , I made the cast and up came fish head out and leisurely gulped it , pause lift angry fish took off with me attached gratefully, towards the fast water and freedom I stopped him and after an epic struggle he was ready to capitulate I gently eased him into the shallows and went forward to grasp my hard earned prize when (now) crack my flexible companion became two not so flexible ones ! No time to cry my prize awaited and I put the two rods down and grabbed it , 6 lb . Quick picture and released . Now I could cry and mourn the passing of my friend by having a smoke .
So there you have it fishing , never say fishing is relaxing and peaceful ! Its exhausting emotional ,exhilarating heart pounding adrenaline rushing and tearful !
Time to forget my broken rod and celebrate my birthday

Time to forget my broken rod and celebrate my birthday

Back at the truck I broke the news to my #5 weight who had been sulkily sitting out the adventure , time to step up my friend your time has come , we don`t get on too well so the remainder of my trip will be eventful , maybe the NZ fish will quiet him some and a beautiful partnership will develop and blossom 🙂
Otherwise the sun is still shining ( nearly a week ) and I have gone brown with purple spots .( sand fly bites don`t tan well )
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