Posted by: AAPGAI | February 6, 2010

AAPGAI off to Patagonia …… !

Patagonia here we come ……..A trip of a lifetime is about to happen!

Myself and several other AAPGAI instructors including Glyn Freeman, AAPGAI Chairman Illtys Griffiths set off on our adventure on 25 February 2010 in search of huge Patagonian Sea Trout. To share a trip with such good friends will be such a pleasure and my as always we’ll have some laughs.

Dressing flies for the trip has started in earnest and the Bitch Creek Nymph (with unusual striped legs) will be used to temp these leviathans.I have not dressed this fly before but enjoyed the weaving needed to create their bodies. The use of dense fibered chenille gives a great effect but I am not quite sure which weave this one is. with a heavily leaded body, the fly will sink quickly on the drift. enticing stripped legs add that extra life to the fly. Originally a representation of a stone fly, the legs and antennae were white. I prefer the curved hook, which is a Tiemco 200R in size 4.