Posted by: AAPGAI | April 5, 2013

AAPGAI & SANA on the Tay 30th March

We were blessed with a stolen day, as far as the weather was concerned, with sunshine in attendance throughout most of the day for the 2013 SANA SGAIC Spring assessment event on the river Tay.

Once again AAPGAI and SANA continued its excellent working relationship in a joint endeavour to identify the best instructors available to represent SANA (Scottish Anglers National Association) in Scotland. However, successful completion of this qualification also identifies instructors who may have the potential to take their qualification to the next level, the AAPGAI advanced. Under the present rules, SANA instructors who have been jointly assessed by both SANA and AAPGAI assessors can apply direct to take the AAPGAI advanced assessment at the next official AAPGAI assessment event, and if successful, would then also become full members of AAPGAI. So making the correct call on the day was very important to all involved.

This is now our sixth year working closely with the SGAIC committee (Scottish Game Angling Instructors Certificate) and our second year on the river Tay and I am pleased to report that the professionalism and enthusiasm to maintain standards, from all involved, is still an integral part of the process. Without this level of commitment the process would simply not work, because for any organisation to gain respect by providing a professional service through its working practices, maintaining standards is paramount.

As with AAPGAI, part of the SGAIC assessment is knowledge based and throughout the day candidates were addressing their written papers as well as their practical assessments, so with that in mind, I would like to thank Iain Kirk, on behalf of AAPGAI, not only for the use of the beat, but also for the indoor facility he provided to enable this to take place, not forgetting the administrative team involved with this (Lennie Fuller and John Hood) who did a fantastic job and one that is often overlooked.

The outcome on the day was very favourable, with three out of four of the guys registering a successful outcome, i.e. a 75% pass rate, and we certainly look forward to seeing some of these new instructors partaking in our advanced assessment programme at one of our future AAPGAI events.

As always the feedback and enthusiasm from the candidates was great, regardless of the outcome, and all were very keen to address and improve upon their casting and teaching techniques. “A credit to their association”.

I would like to conclude my report by thanking the SANA SGAIC committee, once again, for their hospitality on the day, and to congratulate them on all the hard work and professionalism that has gone into making their assessment events what they are today, offering their instructors a potential pathway to improvement through the Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.