Posted by: AAPGAI | September 28, 2016

Patagonia Fly Fishing Trips.


A new operation has recently opened in Patagonia by the name of El Rincon. The lodge was recently opened by myself (Paul Becher) and my long term friend Diego Peralta, who some of you may know/remember as head guide/manager from our neighbouring lodge down the road at Las Buitreras on the Rio Gallegos.


We opened El Rincon last year, not knowing what really to expect in the first season. However, as it turned out it all went way better than we could have expected particularly given the unusually low water conditions that all of Patagonia suffered from for most of last season. What we are offering (apart from the comfortable lodge itself) is 20 kilometres of private access to the Rio Gallegos, which some members will already be familiar with, and also a further 32 kilometres of its major tributary, but lesser known, the Rio Penitente.


When we took the decision to open this operation, the focus was always on the main river and its runs of large sea-trout, but as the weeks passed, it started to dawn on us just what we had accidentally stumbled onto by way of the Penitente River. It is simply amazing, totally pristine, and pretty much unfished and forgotten in a quiet and beautiful corner of Patagonia. It is the homing river to many of the migrating sea-trout travelling up the Gallegos, and permanent home to a large population of big brown trout (and I mean big). Most of the details for anyone wishing to view the lodge and rivers are on our website:

For anyone interested in trying out this new location please contact me (Paul Becher) direct on 07860 203770 or email me at and remember, a substantial discount is offered to AAPGAI members, details of which have already been distributed via email (for this coming season only).


The idea of this promotion is simple that we want to get this place on the map, and it is my hope that if you like it, you may wish to come back the following year with a small group, or at the least, just give us, and some of the anglers that you all come into contact with on a daily basis, a bit of favourable feedback (if you like it..)


If anybody should have a small party they are prepared to bring along this season then please call me to discuss further pricing. Bookings are already going pretty well after the success of last season, so please don’t delay too long before stating an interest.

Best wishes

Paul Becher.

Tel: 07860 203770